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Why have a personalized chuppah?

Your wedding is unique. Your chuppah should be special.

You spend untold hours selecting items to make your wedding a special event that is uniquely yours.

Everything you choose has special meaning for you and your fiancé.

  • Your gown, flowers, invitations, wedding colors…

Why stand under a chuppah made for general use?

  • One that has sat in the synagogue or hall closet for ages?
  • One that you rent for the day?

Is that something that has special meaning for you?

Please visit the rest of our website where we relate the tradition of using a chuppah and offer you a sample gallery from which you can choose, adapt and create a chuppah that you and your spouse will treasure for ages.

Your chuppah is an heirloom.

  • You can use it as a wall hanging, a symbol that will be engraved in your children's minds as part of their Jewish heritage.
  • You can make it into a quilt or bed covering.
  • You can hand it down to your children and grandchildren; and we will add their names and dates to yours.
  • If you wish to cut it up, parts of it will make beautiful decorations - framed, used as pillow covers, used to make a new tallit…

There are so many ways to make it a part of your lives.

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